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Tender Age “Get High” Limited Edition Clear Green Glass Vinyl 7"

by Tender Age

$6.00 / Sold Out


SINIS Recordings is honored and excited to be releasing the second entry into the catalog (SIN-002) by Portland shoegazers, Tender Age.

Entitled “Get High”, the new lead track finds Tender Age nodding to the pioneers of the 80’s and 90’s Creation Records explosion. With a three guitar onslaught, the band makes every effort to bury the undeniable melodic hooks behind a wall of sound. However, while succeeding in blanketing fuzz, echo and distortion atop six-string melodies, the end result backfires in the greatest way possible – the hooks become an all-encompassing sunkiss on the entirety of the song. On the flipside, “Always”, Leonardo and Tardif take center-stage with long-drawn vocal laments that overlap and harmonize at points, bringing to mind the most beautifully lulling moments of Chapterhouse entwined in the rapturous rolling-reverb of Mazzy Star and Black Tambourine. The two tracks perfectly capture the duality in Tender Age’s nature - a disruptively-spirited complexion (“Get High”) behind an achingly beautiful heart (“Always”). Calling the double A-side single “seasonally appropriate” is an understatement. They've written arguably the perfect coupling of a spirited Summer-anthem (“Get High”) and heartbreaking Autumn-lament (“Always”).

It will be released in a limited edition pressing of 300 transparent green-glass vinyl, housed in pearlized crystal cardstock jacket, with double-sided insert and download code. “Get High” b/w ”Always” is nearing the final stages of manufacturing and will be released worldwide October 2nd 2015.

For residents in Portland, OR wishing to pick-up the record directly, you will be refunded your shipping costs upon receiving the record in-person. Please contact [email protected] to coordinate a pick-up time after the release date of the record.